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Did you know that beside developing, maintaining and supporting our jewel integrated Stock Control, POS and Accounting software ArtsMagna we can also take care of your online strategy? We can even redevelop from scratch all your business applications and have them running efficiently via a simple web based interface! :)

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Website Design & Development Services

We pride our selves on creating tailored, template free design solutions to suit the individual needs of our customers. All of the websites we create are designed and developed in house by our award winning web development team. Whether you need an online store, product showcase or an informative website, Famac can provide the right business solution for you.
We specialise in the following:
    * E-commerce solutions
    * Customised online shopping carts
    * PayPal and Payment Gateway integration
    * Content Management Systems (CMS)
    * Dynamic database driven websites
    * Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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W3C Standards Compliant websites

We are committed to providing our customers with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards compliant websites. In doing so we aim to provide our clients with the following benefits:
    * Improved user experience by reducing page weight and providing faster load times
    * Increased page accessibility therefore increasing the audience
    * Maintained consistency
    * Easy to maintain pages reducing maintenance costs
    * Forward browser compatibility
    * Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices

We deliver the powerful web solutions

The sites we build are an online representation of your business. We have built up our reputation across Australasia by delivering content rich websites that work and make money for our business clients. Our professional team of designers and programmers can provide a tailored solution to suit your requirements. Our web strategies include content management, e-commerce, database driven sites, auction sites and informative brochure-style solutions.

Proven Search Engine Optimisation specialising in Google

Contact us today to talk about your Online Strategy and find out how we can make your website work harder. It's about making your investment in a web strategy work harder for your business, bringing in more enquiries and a more profitable customer.

We own our own infrastructure

We own and operate our own server network located in Adelaide Australia, we look after hosting and management for several Australian companies.

Can you trust your web strategy to back yard operators?

Generally before you engage a web designer you should make sure they are reachable during business hours and are available to meet with you. You need to make sure that they are not a back yard operator. There is nothing to stop them packing up shop midway through your project causing you inconvenience and extra cost. As the old saying goes "If it sounds to good to be true it usually is".
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